On 2th December 2020, we had a remote Kickoff Meeting for WP5 of the European cybersecurity project @bieco_org. It was a great meeting with participants from Portugal, Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain, Austria and Poland. Due to COVID-19 situation, the meeting was held online.

The objectives discussed : development of techniques, methods and tools supporting the audit activity for trustworthiness’s evaluation through simulation environments and runtime monitoring facilities. ​

  • OB5.1: Definition of the executable simulation models and of the parameters against which the behavior of the ICT systems and their interacting actors within an ecosystem is judged as being trustworthy or not.​
  • OB5.2. Definition of monitoring methodologies and tools detecting malicious behaviors of ICT systems and interacting actors within the ecosystems and assessing the validity of the simulation models.​
  • OB5.3. Developing monitoring tools able to validate through real-time data of systems sensors and actuators the validity of simulation decisions​

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