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The concept of BIECO is based upon delivering a framework for increasing trust within ICT supply chains.

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Project Manager:

Jose Barata

Universidade Nova de Lisboa, DEEC Fac de Ciencias e Tecnol.
Quinta da Torre, 2829 – 516 Caparica, PORTUGAL


BIECO will offer a holistic approach for building and validating several technologies and methodologies that are specifically oriented to foster security and trust within ICT ecosystems.


The general objective of BIECO is to develop a framework that enables measurable, risk-based trust while developing, deploying and operating complex interconnected ICT systems. We aim to achieve this by handling the reliability and trust aspects of ecosystem participants (ICT systems, ICT system components and actors) within the supply chain.



The project’s framework combines methodological elements and tools from various IT-related areas, spanning software and system requirements management, agile software development and continuous integration, evolution and maintenance within an ICT supply chain. These elements will be put together in an overall methodological approach that structures the project in three main inter-related development streams

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