The general objective of BIECO is to develop a framework that enables measurable, risk-based trust while developing, deploying and operating complex interconnected ICT systems.


We aim to achieve this by handling the reliability and trust aspects of ecosystem participants (ICT systems, ICT system components and actors) within the supply chain.

The following shows the specific SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) objectives of the project, taking into account the challenges of this kind of complex ecosystems.


Providing a framework that allows reinforcing trust in ICT supply chains (WP2).

Vulnerability assessment

Performing advanced vulnerability assessment over ICT supply chains (WP3).

Achieving resilience

Achieving resilience in ecosystems formed by unreliable components (WP4).

Extending auditing

Extending auditing process to evaluate interconnected ICT systems (WP5).

Advanced risk analysis

Provide advanced risk analysis and mitigation strategies that support a view of the complete ICT supply chain (WP6).

Security assurance

Perform evidence-based security assurance and a harmonized certification for ICT systems (WP7).

Industrial validation

Industrial validation of BIECO’s framework within IoT ecosystems (WP8).


The rationale behind BIECO’s concept is to deliver a framework for improving trust and security within ICT supply chains. These are complex ecosystems comprising several heterogeneous technologies, processes, actors (e.g., end-users, software or hardware providers and organizations) and resources, all of which generate or exchange data forming extremely complex information management systems.




The Clustering Workshop co-organized by EU-funded projects ASSURED, and CYRENE aims at bringing together projects that target Supply Chain Security, Resilience and Certification aspects, experts, members and consultants from standardization and certification bodies...

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Monthly Wp3 meeting

Monthly Wp3 meeting

BIECO WP3On November the 30th, it was taken the monthly Wp3 meeting. On it, it was updated the latest progress as well as future actions, and all WP3 members were coordinated in order to achieve the programmed objective.These advances were centered on both tasks T3.3...

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WP2 activities November

During November, WP2 partners have been refining the representations of data flows and component structures of the BIECO framework, which will be some of the core elements included in Deliverable 2.4. Even in the remote setting, interesting discussions have been...

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WP5 meeting

In the meetings of November, the members of WP5 have fine-tuned the user interaction with the Auditing Component, part of the BIECO framework. Demo’s preparation is progressing with benefits from profitable and interesting discussions between WP5 members. Taking...

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Presentation of BIECO’s project report at ICTSS21

Presentation of BIECO’s project report at ICTSS21

the 33rd IFIP International Conference on Testing Software and Systems (ICTSS)On 11th of November, Ricardo Silva Peres from UNINOVA presented a summary of WP2 in the Project Report of BIECO titled „The BIECO Conceptual Framework Towards Security and Trust in ICT...

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