On 11th May 2021, we had a remote Kickoff Meeting for WP8 of the European cybersecurity project @bieco_org. It was a great meeting with participants from Portugal, Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain, Austria and Poland. Due to COVID-19 situation, the meeting was held online.

The WP8 objectives discussed

  1. Develop a cloud platform, according to the reference architecture of WP2, that host the verification and validation activities within BIECO, as well as the applications and datasets of the pilots.​
  2. Develop the business case implementations.​
  3. Provide a set of front-end applications for enabling the back-end services developed in the project.​
  4. Establish a common integration, testing and verification strategy for the various software implementations of the BIECO framework.​
  5. To validate and verify the BIECO framework, consisting of platform, security tools and business case applications.​
  6. To test and validate the use cases, both from the technological and business perspective.

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