ISTI DAY is  the  official annual meeting devoted to the communication and dissemination of the activities of the institute. The event is primarily targeted at the ISTI community, but anyone interested can join the event

Typically the event includes a speech given by the Director, briefly reporting the status of the institute, the announcement of the ISTI Awards winners, a number of scientific contributions, intended to give visibility to the most recent scientific results, and finally a session of poster talks. The aim of ISTI Day is also to provide a sample of the variety and vitality of the research carried out at ISTI.

The active participation of all the laboratories at each edition is what makes each ISTI DAY a valuable step in the growth path of the institute as a whole.

LocationPisa Italy
Duration3, 10, 17 November 2020 from 14 to 17.30 ,
Level of ImpactMore than 150  participants per day (number of people or organizations that could get impact by the activity)
Other informationTalk schedule: 17th November – 14:00 – 15:20 Scientific Talks V Title Cybersecurity and Data Protection: Inside the Personal Data Lifecycle, Speaker Said Daoudagh #AccessControl, #DataProtection, #GDPR  

Exploitation and Dissemination Activity Report

ISTI DAY poster


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