On 12th of November, we had the internal Kick-Off meeting of WP4, led by Fraunhofer IESE.

Within WP4, methods and tools are developed for assuring system resilience based on runtime evaluation of (Software) component behaviours. Specifically, in a runtime simulated environment (developed within WP5), failures will be predicted and timely activation of fail-over behaviour is performed during runtime.

The runtime activation of fail-over behaviour is the one that brings a system into a safe state and safeguards it against intended faults that express into malicious behaviours in specific situations.

Through WP4 we will assure the ultimate trust of systems operation at runtime by safeguarding their execution against malicious behaviours that express in specific situations where the destruction impact of an attacker is likely to be me. The destruction impact generally ranges in severity from:

1) not meeting user expectations to 

2) creating serious accidents that cause injuries to humans or the environment and can even cause death.

These challenges together with the novelty of the solution developed within WP4 has been published in 2019 at ICSE, the International Conference for Software Engineering, within the Track of New Ideas and Emerging Results, in the paper “(Do not) Trust in Ecosystems: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/8805707/” 

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