The main goal of the TAROT (Training And Research On Testing) Summer School is to give researchers and particularly Ph.D. students the opportunity to follow a number of tutorials or invited talks by key experts in the field. The TAROT Summer School is open to researchers from any institution in the world, working in the area of testing, both from academia and industry.

PhD student talk

Speaker: Said Doudagh – Isti CNR Pisa

Schedule: from 16.15 to 17.30 – 2rd of October 2020 

Title  The GDPR Compliance through Authorization Systems

This talk presented the outcomes of the PhD research activity for promoting access control systems as main technical tool for the GDPR compliance.

Speaker: Eda Marchetti – Isti CNR Pisa

Schedule: from 10 to 11.15 – 23rd of October 2020 

Title Enhancing Authorization Systems with Data Protection Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) defines the principle of Integrity and Confidentiality, and implicitly calls for the adoption of Access Control Systems for regulating the access to personal data. For this an essential step is to augment access control systems with concepts from the GDPR, and encode the most suitable provisions of the GDPR as Access Control Policies (ACPs). This requires organizations to deploy and test adequate fine-grained access control mechanisms. This talk explores the available proposals for the automatic enforcing and testing of the data protection regulations and discusses their main challenges.

Exploitation and Dissemination Activity Report

TAROT Daoudagh

TAROT Marchetti

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