WP8 – Integration, Pilots, and Validation

 Coordinated by
HS (M09-M36)


This work package has the following objectives:

  1. Develop a cloud platform, according to the reference architecture of WP2, that host the verification and validation activities within BIECO, as well as the applications and datasets of the pilots.
  2. Develop the business case implementations.
  3. Provide a set of front-end applications for enabling the back-end services developed in the project.
  4. Establish a common integration, testing and verification strategy for the various software implementations of the BIECO framework.
  5. To test the BIECO framework and tools.
  6. To validate and verify the BIECO framework, consisting of platform, security tools and business case applications.
  7. To test and validate the use cases, both from the technological and business perspective.



Fuzzing Tool

Fuzzing Tool will test System Under Test (SUT) security vulnerabilities or inputs not contemplated that could compromise the system; as a black-box process, by using unintended or incorrect inputs and monitoring their corresponding outputs.


This exploitation result consists in cybersecurity consultancy services supported by ResilBlockly (former Blockly4SoS), a Model-Driven Engineering tool that has been developed in the context of BIECO.

Security evaluation methodology

Security evaluation methodology to evaluate the security of an ICT system. The methodology is based on standards such as ISO 31000 standard for Risk Management, the ISO 29119 standard for Security Testing or the MUD standard…

Extended MUD file

The extended Manufacturer Usage Description (MUD) file is an extension of the MUD Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard…

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