WP7 monthly meeting M15

In the monthly meeting of 29th November, as part of T7.3 (Integration of the BIECO tools to instantiate the cybersecurity certification methodology) efforts, 7bulls created an early prototype design and implementation of security scoring software for integration in the BIECO framework – SecurityScorer – another artefact produced in the BIECO project. This early prototype currently offers integration with the GraphWalker tool proposed by UMU and which UMU utilises now to model the UNINOVA use case. In collaboration with WP2 and WP8, the responsible partners have agreed on the placement of SecurityScorer in the workflow. 7bulls is working with tool owners to integrate further tools to allow more inputs to be accepted in SecurityScorer. To this end, 7bulls have reached out to GRAD, CNR and UTC. A draft of D7.3 has also been created by 7bulls with details of the prototype being developed, its initial integration with GraphWalker, as well as its relationship with other tasks and deliverables.

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