WP8 – Integration, Pilots, and Validation

 Coordinated by
HS (M09-M36)


This work package has the following objectives:

  1. Develop a cloud platform, according to the reference architecture of WP2, that host the verification and validation activities within BIECO, as well as the applications and datasets of the pilots.
  2. Develop the business case implementations.
  3. Provide a set of front-end applications for enabling the back-end services developed in the project.
  4. Establish a common integration, testing and verification strategy for the various software implementations of the BIECO framework.
  5. To test the BIECO framework and tools.
  6. To validate and verify the BIECO framework, consisting of platform, security tools and business case applications.
  7. To test and validate the use cases, both from the technological and business perspective.



Final review Meeting 28 September 2023

DRAFT AGENDA: Thursday 28th September 2023 13.00 – 17.00 CET AGENDA Overview 13:00 - 13:10Project Overview13:10 - 13:25BIECO Tools13:25 - 14:35BIECO Use Cases,including Demos14:35:15:05WP3 & WP4 Presentations15:05 - 15:15BREAK15:15 - 16:15WP5 - WP8...

Data Collection Tool

Data Collection Tool (DCT) stores information from relevant vulnerability related datasets, providing a single access point to information required by the vulnerability detection and forecasting tools developed in T3.3, as well as for the failure prediction tools developed in T4.2.

Vulnerability Detection Tool

Vulnerability Detection Tool will detect existing vulnerabilities within the source code which may lead to the successful execution of an attack.

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