Artificial Intelligence based cybersecurity for connected and automated vehicles

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Protecting the new generation of cars from cybercriminals

Car safety has come a long way. From the first padded dashboard to seat belts and from rear-view cameras to active safety measures such as autonomous emergency braking (AEB), technological advances are picking up speed. Nowadays, cars are becoming smarter and ‘greener’ through connectivity and artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity is emerging as a new concern able to stop such huge potential for more sustainable safer roads with zero fatality. The EU-funded CARAMEL project is developing cybersecurity solutions for the new generation of cars: i) autonomous cars, ii) 5G connected vehicles, and iii) electromobility. The project applies a proactive method based on artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to mitigate cybersecurity-originated safety risks on roads. Considering the entire supply chain, CARAMEL aims to introduce innovative anti-hacking intrusion detection/prevention systems for the European automotive industry.

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